Read a book of the Bible every day for a month? The same book of the Bible? Yes, I bet you’re thinking right now I’m a little crazy, and I’m surprised myself to be able to say that that’s what I’ve been doing for almost a year. And it’s possible–and it’s a tremendous blessing. (Theologian Fred Sanders has been credited with this idea.)

The first month of trying this idea, in my timidity, I decided to start with a little book. First John sounded good. Not too long and not too short. I sat down and read it through as the first thing in my devotional time. It took about 15 minutes. I continued each day and in that first month, only missed three days.

As I continued each month with a different book of the Bible, I was caught off guard by how many insights the Holy Spirit revealed throughout the month of reading. By day 15 of most months, I was convinced there couldn’t possibly be anything more I could learn or find to apply to my life. Yet on the last day of reading 1 Peter, I saw something new.

If you’d like to use this idea, and yet it seems like you won’t have enough time or interest, start with a small book of the Bible. I started with I John, but I could have started with any of the smaller books like one of the Minor Prophets or Philemon. Depending upon your available time, start out small, in order to have greater success.