I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. In reality, there’s not major things happening or really, really lots going on, but it’s enough to make me feel like I’m holding my breath. I finally got in touch with my “overwhelmed” feeling and said to the Lord, “Help! Help! I need You!” And I sensed, “That’s a good place to be.” Oh! A good place to be! At the feet of Jesus grasping hold of his ankles, knowing my dependency, and trying to remember to depend upon Him every moment. Constant dependency. It is a good place to be. Otherwise, I think I’m very capable to do it on my own. But I need Jesus’ empowering help.

And that reminds me of the most important thing of all: relationship with Jesus! That comes through turning to Him and focusing on who He is. The issue is not just making my circumstances better (although He’s good at doing that when He chooses), but seeking Him and learning greater dependence.