I’ve been meditating on that phrase for a while, “pruned and groomed.” The other day when I was thinking about some current struggles and challenges, and finishing my month’s reading of 1 Thessalonians, that phrase came into my mind. I knew immediately the Lord was saying, “You’re being pruned so that you are groomed for future things.” Now, of course, I immediately imagined speaking in front of zillions of women, writing 100 books, being on the most popular TV and radio programs (maybe even Fox TV????? 🙂 My mind went wild!

But wait, maybe those aren’t the things I’m being groomed for. Maybe the grooming will be only for the benefit of the closest people around me. Maybe there will be more people to care for and the obliteration of any possible ministry. Can I be OK with that?

Hope that there is future purpose for “groomed” must not be because I envision glorious things –from the standpoint of accomplishment in the world’s eyes. It must be that whatever God is grooming me for, even if it’s only for the “eyes” of heaven, must be enough.

OK, Lord, help me to be content with pruning now and whatever you desire for groomings’ purposes.