My last blog shared my overwhelmed feelings. At times, we feel like we’re going to explode, don’t we? In those times, I feel like I’m not breathing. I actually find myself holding my breath. A lack of oxygen is not a good thing.

So as I prayed about what was happening, I recognized the most stressful thing–or at least equal to some other things–was the expectation a certain man in my life (OK…Larry!) had about my involvement in a writing project he was wanting to work on.

And I decided to set boundaries. Like big thick boundaries. And after some discussion (with him trying to be Tom Sawyer getting me to paint the fence), we agreed I was not an option to help for the initial planning. And he took the lead to get some books for research.

I was very proud of him and now I’m feeling much better. I’ll still have to trust the Lord for him working on it (because it feels like he is a reflection of me as a writer), but I’ve taken my hands off and Larry has strongly supported me. I’m very grateful.

Now, I just have to work on my own stressful stuff!