I was reading a book that used Mary’s example of a willing spirit. Mary, Jesus’s mother, did have a wonderful willing heart for God. And somehow my mind went on a tangent of wondering, “Is the calling God gave Mary just as important as any calling He gives to each of us?” I thought that in particular as the author quoted Mary’s song of praise to God. We sometimes forget that Mary praised God even though there was the possibility of her dying –being stoned to death as an unwed mother. It’s easy to overlook the danger she was in and think, “wow, what a great honor by God and isn’t she thrilled?” Well, she faced real danger. The Law that God instituted said anyone in her position should be stoned to death. How’s that for danger?

So what God called her to was not easy and her faith and trust enabled her to sing praise to God for what truly was an honor.

But my tangent thinking went here: “Isn’t everything each of us is called to by God an honor? Wouldn’t it be true that whatever God calls me to –or you to– is just as honorable as Mary’s?” Actually, I’m not sure. Because certainly the birth of the Messiah is pretty high on some kind of list. That’s why I’m really wondering about this. I’d like to hear your ideas. Does God have a hierarchy of “honor.” Is my being “called” to minister to my mother-in-law full time in our home as honorable as Mary’s? Is your “call” to go through whatever you’re going through just as honorable as Mary’s?

Isn’t your and my calling as specifically designed and allowed by God as much as Mary’s? And shouldn’t our response be the same as Mary’s: “may it be to me as you desire, Lord.” A willing heart! Not easy but possible. I know I’m still learning and can’t yet say I “count it all joy” (James 1:2) but Mary did.