I’m going in today for a root canal. It’s even on a tooth that had a root canal in the past. My dentist told me, “That infection in there isn’t good for you.” I can’t wait to have this procedure done so that I can get rid of the infection which may also be causing my ear to be closed up.

This makes me think of my friend, Liz, who had breast cancer. She told me, “I can’t wait for them to remove my breast. I want to get rid of the cancer!”

If only I had such eagerness as Liz and my own desire to get rid of my tooth infection–about sin in my life! Sin is a cancerous infection that makes my spiritual ears closed to God. It’s not good for me and just as my tooth infection could spread, any sin isn’t just about me, it spreads to others.

I recently gave a talk about Jonah and one of the things I noticed in Jonah’s story was that his disobedience caused danger in other people’s lives. He jumped on that boat going in a different direction than God had told him, and God made a fierce storm to blow. Seasoned sailors were terrified. Their lives were in danger. And in the midst of that, Jonah slept in the bottom of the boat. Talk about sin infecting and closing up his spiritual ears to hear God! In God’s grace, those sailors were saved but the cargo they had tossed overboard was gone forever. There are always repercussions from sin.

So, today as I eagerly go for my root canal (they really aren’t that bad, y’know–I’ve had many!), I’m going to meditate on God’s desire for my purity, safety and fellowship with Him by asking for forgiveness of sin and keeping my ears open for God.