As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was headed in for a root canal. It turned out it was just a consultation and I will have the procedure tomorrow/Thursday.

As the doctor examined me, he determined that the infection had most likely caused bone loss. (Another possible cause is peridontal disease but I’m often checked for that, and nothing has been located). He said that after the root canal, if the infection is indeed the cause of the bone loss, the bone will grow back in. What a relief. And what a good idea for trying to keep the tooth even though he also informed me that teeth with previous root canals–when another is performed–will fail 20% of the time. Yikes!

But as I heard him, I quickly prayed for God’s direction and I thought I sensed a peace that I should choose the root canal rather than having the tooth pulled. That may seem like a no-brainer except that if the tooth fails after having the root canal, my insurance will require me to repay them for the root canal! Yikes! So it wasn’t an easy decision. (Sorry this is most likely more than you really want to hear).

So what’s the spiritual application? Yesterday we saw how infection/sin isn’t good for us. Well, now we know it causes bone loss. Bone is supposed to be strong, it supports us. So, infection/sin takes away our strength. Nehemiah says, “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Sin takes away that joy and strength. Strength to trust God, walk in His power, and respond in a godly way.

All to say: infection and sin aren’t good for our bodies and our spirits. Let’s identify sin as soon as we succumb and get rid of it through confession! And just as getting rid of the infection will give bone the opportunity of regrowing, our confession makes it possible for our strength and joy to return.