Well, after 1 hour 40 minutes with my mouth open, the dr. declared he got all the bad stuff out. (If you are new to the posts, please read the previous days about my root canal). I’ve had my mouth open speaking for 1 hour 40 minutes but never in the same position!

It really was fascinating though. He had a microscope that he used to look inside my tooth. He described it like looking in a cave. Then he told me that he was, among other things, scraping away things like calsified stalagmites. I imagined a miner walking through a cave with his lighted hat on. Thankfully this wasn’t that movie where the guy gets miniaturized and is in my tooth.

He also told me he was using a drill that was like a jack hammer that was more precise. Oh, that was a great thought! Now I’m envisioning some construction worker with dirty work clothes.

In the end, there wasn’t any pain at all, for which I’m very grateful. And I did find a spiritual application. (Hey, I’m the one who found a spiritual application when I went to “Captain EO” (with Michael Jackson!) at Disneyland.)

I thought of Psalm 139: “Search my heart, O Lord” as the dentist searched my tooth for disease and infection. And God must search our hearts for disease and infection and sin and jack hammer it–at times–to loosen it.

I’m not sure, but I think I’d rather have my heart open to the Lord for 1 hour 40 minutes rather than my mouth open for the dentist. How about you?