I think often of a woman who lived on our golf course and I’d often see her on the patio reading when I played golf. I was jealous. Oh, what a life she must lead that she’s so often on the patio reading. I love to do that but I don’t often get out there enough. Lucky her!

It wasn’t until after her death that I understood why she was on the patio so much. She’d been battling cancer for eight years and unfortunately, she finally succumbed to it. Then I knew why she was on the patio so much. She was going through chemotherapy and wasn’t feeling well. I’m sure she would have preferred being active.

I repented of my envy and jealousy. Oh, Lord, forgive me for wanting something that even she didn’t want. Let me not judge or envy another’s situation especially when I don’t know the circumstances. Thank you for forgiving me.