Here are five examples of things we might depend upon instead of the Lord:

Government: “make the government bring changes;” but God wants changes within each person’s heart.

Science: we put science discoveries before the Bible; but so often those discoveries turn out to be inaccurate or slanted.

Education: we think getting a degree or some level of education will guarantee our future. But God can provide any way He desires.

Medical care: of course we go to doctors; that’s fine. But if our dependence is upon them rather than the Lord, we’re depending upon the wrong thing.

Financial systems: we think our future is secure if we save or invest enough money. But God is in charge of everything and He owns everything. We are just His stewards. He can provide for us even if we’re penniless.

I confess I can easily begin to depend upon any one of those things if my eyes aren’t on the Lord. Lord, open my eyes to when I do.