I’m just reflecting on God’s grace, generosity and goodness as I am enjoying our grandson’s first birthday this past Thursday. Raphael is a miracle. Darcy had a very difficult pregnancy–being sick for the 7 months until Raphael’s emergency birth by c-section. The drs. were concerned about Raphael and Darcy’s health and the doctor told me soon after that their lives were in danger. God gave me the privilege of being there for the birth and seeing his little scrawny, 2 lbs 12 oz body from the beginning.

Over this past year, we all have marveled at God’s goodness in keeping them both safe. Now Raphael is catching up at a big 19 pounds, standing, crawling and taking his first uncertain steps.

I just want to say “thank you again, Lord!” for sparing their lives. I pray that you will use this child in remarkable ways for your glory and the good of all who know him.
I tried to post photos of him but can’t seem to make it work, so go to my daughter’s web site if you want to see some.http://www.themodernartofmotherhood.blogspot.com/