Yesterday, I went to a piano recital for two of our neighbor’s children. Oh, what memories it brought. I don’t know how many piano recitals I played for, but it was a walk down memory lane. It was fascinating how many of the songs the kids played were the songs I learned. There’s nothing like Beethoven.
I sat there thinking, “Mrs. Burke, thank you for your patience in teaching me.” And Mother, thank you for getting me and Karen and Chuck into piano lessons. I used what I learned in many different ways over the years, including substituting for our organ player at our church–and got paid for it!
It made me think of influence. We all influence the people we love and Mrs. Burke and my mother influenced me through lessons. Taking lessons builds self discipline, confidence, esteem and values. Of course, I didn’t know it at that time.
Now the piano I learned on (which my grandmother bought for $50–an 1880’s former player piano) is owned by Darcy and in storage. I longed to play it once again.
So, memories linger and even though Mrs. Burke was angry with me when I said I was quitting, I knew it was because she knew how much more I could learn. But other responsibilities as a teenager were crowding out time to practice. I think I took lessons for 7 years. What an investment.
Well, enough of a walk down memory lane. Thank you, Mrs. Burke. Thank you, Mother. Your influence continues today.