I’m learning that one way to grow in compassion is to walk in another’s person’s shoes–no big new revelation, I realize, but I thought I’d share what’s that has meant lately.

Audrey is maybe the slowest eater on earth. She realizes it and jokes about it, and thankfully, it hasn’t bothered us much at all. It’s just accepted that it takes her a very long time to eat. But we really didn’t understand why.

Since I had my tooth extracted, I know why. Although Audrey still has her own teeth, several have been pulled. With my tooth gone, I know what it’s like to bite down and have nothing happen. That’s what happens to Audrey. She continually has to take the time and effort to reposition the food so that it gets where there are teeth that are there to chew.

So the mystery is solved and in the mean time, I’m feeling more empathy and compassion for her efforts in eating.