Is 30:18 “The LORD God is waiting
to show how kind he is
and to have pity on you.
The LORD always does right;
he blesses those who trust him.” Contemporary English Version

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that several months ago I went in for a second root canal of a molar and they hoped that would fix the problem. They warned that they couldn’t tell if the tooth was cracked or not and couldn’t guarantee success. It might have to be pulled afterall.

I continued to have trouble with it but kept hoping it was just sensitive. But then the “fistula” kept reappearing. You don’t want me to describe that–just think blister. Over and over again they came and popped so I knew something wasn’t getting better.

Went in yesterday and had to have it pulled. And the dentist confirmed that it had cracked and nothing would have saved it.

So now I have a hole in my head–as Larry says–but hey, haven’t I always?

I guess the spiritual application is that sometimes cracked ideas get covered up by good things–like a crown–and we try to fix them with root canals, but the idea is just cracked! Nothing will fix it. We just have to get rid of it.

Already the hole has started to fill in. It’s not as deep. And the Lord wants to fill it our wrong ideas with His ideas.

Well, this is most likely a very weak analogy but regardless, pray that the tooth next to my now-missing tooth won’t go bad–affected by the infection from the old tooth.

I’ve never been in a hospital for anything other than giving birth twice, but I think I’ve kept multiple dentists in business with my mouth. Oh well, Lord, you’ve written the days for me (Psalm 139). I praise you.

I just added the verse at the beginning because it ministered to me; I hope it does you too.