“What you’re doing at this moment in your

relationship to God is the clearest indication

of what you truly believe about Him,

regardless of any verbal claim you might make.”

—Henry Blackaby

If you need to, re-read the previous post. Let’s apply the truth of Henry Blackaby’s statement to my friend’s situation. She says she loves her relative, but she’s acting like she doesn’t trust God to provide for her relative, to discipline her relative through consequences, to use trials and even deprivation to draw her closer to Himself. I’m sure she would say that she trusts God about her relative, but by providing something/money to supplement her relative’s poor shopping choices, she is really supporting evil. By the way, I did omit a comment my friend made that her relative’s lack of money was because she shops beyond her ability to pay. Her husband actually makes very good money.

Going back to Hezekiah’s story, regardless of what Hezekiah might have said about his trust in God, his heart and what he truly believed was revealed.

So: let’s examine our own lives. If our actions aren’t consistent with what we say we believe, it just ain’t so!