This is really embarrassing to post but it’s also a demonstration of the power of our position in Christ. Yesterday, I called Princess Cruise Lines to request our refund for the deposit we didn’t use when we couldn’t go on the Australian cruise. I’d been putting it off; hating the “confrontation,” not knowing what response I’d get; wanting to avoid pain! I’d literally put it off months and easily forgotten/put it aside; talked to our friend about it who we usually cruise with. She said our travel agent should have handled it—which made me even more fearful that I would be jerked around.

I imagined calling Princess and they say, “Call your travel agent.” And after getting over that procrastination, I call the travel agent and he says, “Call Princess.” EEEWWW, I hate that!

I’d gotten serious about calling about a week ago, promised myself I would do it but forgot/put off (Oh, look, it’s past office hours!) Because if Princess tells me my travel agent has to handle it, then I have to “confront” him and get him to do something he doesn’t want to do. OH MY! That just struck a cord: HAVING TO MAKE SOMEONE DO SOMETHING THEY DON’T WANT TO DO—AND WHAT WILL THAT MEAN–? I’LL DISPLEASE THEM; THEY WON’T BE HAPPY WITH ME. ETC ETC. My ugly strategy of protecting myself from pain (being disliked, misunderstood, etc) reared it’s ugly head again. I try to avoid making anyone do what they don’t want to do.

But then Larry was telling me about this book he’d found a review on and it talked about our position in Christ. Of course, I know about that, I’ve preached about that for years, but that doesn’t mean I always apply it. So right then, I thought, “my position in Christ is that I am bold!” I felt like a boxer putting up her dukes to fight. OK! I’m bold! I picked up the phone and dialed Princess cruise lines.

Well, it was a no brainer! No problem!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had a little problem finding the account at first, but was very nice. No indication at all that it was a problem in her tone or responses. OH, thank you Lord! Refund will arrive 6-8 days. I’m rich! (Not really!)

I realized again that procrastination can be rooted in wanting to avoid pain. But we forget that having the procrastinated item nibbling at the edge of our minds is painful in itself.

If we can lay hold of our position in Christ and be who God says we already are–we are empowered!!!!!