Isaiah 37 tells how the King of the Assyrians, who is planning to attack Jerusalem, tells Israelite King Hezekiah through his messenger, something like, “Hey, what makes you think you can withstand me? Look at all the cities that the Assyrians have conquered. Just like them, you will be assimilated” Opps, sorry, that was Borg/Star Trek talk.

When I originally read this section, I envisioned that those cities were actually conquered by the very king (Sennacherib) who is threatening the Israelites. But guess what? My commentary says that those cities were conquered by the Assyrians 100 YEARS AGO! That is old news! King Sennacherib cannot take credit for this. He didn’t do it! And besides, it’s not relevant, because God has already said Jerusalem will not be conquered by the Assyrians (although it’s been under siege and many have already died).

This made me think of how Satan tries to use old stuff to intimidate us. “Oh, remember, when God didn’t seem to come through for you last year?” “Oh, remember, when you were discouraged?” That’s old news! God is working now, just as He has been. Let’s not let old messages discourage and erode our faith.