I thought, “I wonder how much longer Audrey is going to live. I think if I knew I could be more patient.”

OUCH! It suddenly hit me what was happening. I’m thinking I could be more patient because I would be gritting my teeth, just waiting for the trial to end. That’s not operating in God’s power! That’s my power.

Then I thought of that phrase, “This too will pass.” Haven’t we all said that and sighed a sigh of relief? Maybe we thought, “Ok, if I just hold on long enough, this trial/situation/challenge will pass.” But again, is that trusting God or is that thinking more like, “I can do this if I just know it won’t be long.”

No wonder God doesn’t tell us the future. If we knew a trial was going to last a very long time, we’d give up. If we knew a trial was going to be short-lived, we could grin and bear it. We’re supposed to relax in God’s power and moment by moment depend upon Him.

I think I just discovered another strategy to live life on my terms. Oh phooey!