Larry and I pulled weeds today and there was a huge difference in the ease of the removal depending upon whether the ground was wet or dry. HUGE difference!

Of course, I got to thinking, if God wants to pull any weeds of sin out of my life, what would make my “soil” wet and therefore more easy to remove them? I’m randomly thinking of:
1. basic desire to know and follow God
2. thirst for God
3. passion for God
4. fear of God
5. foundation of obedience in the past
6. recognizing the pain and consequences that sin brings
7. trusting that God is good and loves me
8. believing He wants only my best
9. knowing my heart is bent on selfishness; I’m not “basically good” as the secular world wants to believe
10. rehearsing God’s work in the past when removal of sin was oh, so good. No longer a struggle or burdened by guilt.

Well, those are some initial ideas. What works for you?