I was driving down Cook St. and the guy in front of me was going so SLOW!!!!!!!!!! Ack! I was impatient. What is he doing? I was really frustrated.

Then I saw the police car on a side street. And I came alert and realized, “I’m driving by a school; the kids just got out; the speed limit is 25 MPH. OH!!!!!! No wonder the guy is driving slow AND thank you Lord that I was following him! Otherwise, I might have gotten a ticket.”

I’ve thought of that incident a lot. I wonder how many times God has allowed what seems like a slow driver in front of me that I hated but it prevented me from facing consequences for bad choices. Maybe I’d promised myself dessert even when I didn’t need it but the restaurant was out of what I wanted. ARGH! But it saved me calories.

Or I was irritated with someone and could have easily reacted in an ungodly manner, but our meeting was delayed–and I came to my senses!

Oh, I’m sure there are so many more.

So the next time I’m behind a slow driver, I’m going to thank the Lord–because there might be a policeman ahead with a speed gun!