When our 18-month-old grandson Raphael visited a few weeks ago, I loved playing the game of “chase.” But Raphael made a new kind of game, “Chase and Catch.” As I crawled on my hands and knees toward him, chasing him, every once in a while amidst much giggling, instead of running away from me, he would stop, and peek over his shoulder, waiting with giggling anticipation when I would reach him and tickle him. It was the cutest thing ever!

He loved being caught.

This morning as I enjoyed that memory, I thought, why do I run away from God? He wants to catch me and love on me. Why do I fear Him when everything He does was set up in the beginning of creation when He announced about His creative efforts, “It is good.” Though not everything seems “good” to me in my limited vision, it really is. And He is chasing me, wanting to woo me to His loving arms. He may even tickle me! He may even tickle you!