I was talking on the phone recently to a friend who used to live in our area but moved away. Now we rarely chat but when we do, I enjoy her company. This time, she was raving about her neighborhood friend who seems so “spiritual.” They were having a garage sale and she said, “Kendra would touch something and put her vibes on it and within moments, someone would come along and buy it. She does yoga and she’s so peaceful. She’s amazing!”

My mind did somersaults trying to think of ways to combat a spiritual, yoga-studying, peaceful woman who was having an impact on my friend. When she lived close, I had the opportunity of sharing the gospel with her and she came to church with us, but it seemed like I never could get past first base to help her see God’s offer of salvation. It was obvious she found her yoga friend more interesting.

A few days after our conversation as I thought about it, I realized I had gone down the wrong road. I was trying to combat something that couldn’t be fought. But I could use my friend’s spiritual longing to draw her closer to God. I was focused on the yoga friend and not my friend’s longing for spirituality. Wonder if I’d said something like, “I think I hear you longing for spirituality in your own life. Is that true?”

I don’t know what would happen after that, but I can trust God to direct the conversation if the opportunity comes again.

So I’m going to try to remember: don’t try to combat something but instead, look to the heart of the person. What are they wanting? What are they seeing that they want? I might then be able to lead them to the idea that God can offer that to them.

(PS to self, remember the question, “What do you think prevents you from experiencing the spirituality you want?” And of course, I have to direct this conversation to God–not yoga!)