Last time I commented on an article and I appreciated this article because it was a little warning about something that seems very innocuous but could be dangerous. I love certain kinds of science fiction but certainly I’m not an expert on books, but I do enjoy movie like Star Trek and Star Wars–that kind of thing. So the article was a little wake up call about how sci fi does hold in own philosophy, although not quite a religion. And it has a definition of redemption. As Christians we believe Jesus is our redemption but sci fi has it’s own.

Here’s James A. Herrick’s comment:
“The spiritual messages conveyed by our most popular television, movie, and literary products are often questionable and sometimes dangerously misleading. We are not the center of the cosmos, nor are we (or extraterrestrials) evolving toward divinity. Evolution is not the benevolent operating principle of the entire universe, and technological transformation of our species is not spiritual rebirth. Ignorance is not our predicament, progress is not redemption, the future is not salvation, and space is not our destiny.” (pg 25, Christianity Today, Feb. 2009).

What is?
Sin is our predicament
Jesus’s death and resurrection are our redemption
Receiving Christ as Savior and surrendering to Him as Lord is our salvation
Heaven is our destiny.

The next time we’re watching and enjoying a sci fi movie or book, keep those thoughts in mind and let’s not get swayed into other deceptions.