For those new to my blog, Larry, my husband, and I are caregivers for his 92-year-old mother, Audrey. She’ll be 93 next month–May 7th. She has Lewy Body Dementia which comes with paranoia, delusions and hallucinations. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, one of her delusions is that people attack her in the night. And that we are trying to kill her.

So here’s an “Audrey “funny.””
One morning she was eating her bran cereal. We have to soak the cereal for at least 30 minutes in the milk before we serve it to make it soft. But this morning her delusion was “alive.” She said, “There’s rocks in my cereal. I know you’re trying to kill me.” She mumbled something and then said, “And I wish you’d do a better job of it.”

Of course, she meant that I should make her cereal “better” without rocks. But the juxtaposition was funny. I stifled a laugh and wasn’t upset–for once!