I have a confession, blogger page. I have another lover. I know this breaks your heart and I’m so sorry. But, (now don’t cry, blogger page), but I joined Face book. Oh, I know, I know. My heart is divided. I see it. My creative juices get tied up in reading everyone’s posts, of seeing how many friends can join my page (oh, they love me!), of playing Scrabble. Oh, I know, I know. It’s horrible for you. I’ve been ignoring you. I don’t think of you as much. My energies get directed to instant gratification. (Here’s a tissue).

Can I stop? you ask. No, but I’ll really try to visit you more often, my beloved blogger page. You offer depth but it takes more of me. Face book doesn’t require as much. I have to think when I write on you. Oh, I’m so sorry. Truth is hard. But I do love you. I do. I promise to come more often and we’ll enjoy the depth of our relationship.

OK? I promise to come back soon.

APPLICATION: Aren’t you glad we can have a divided heart between blogging and Facebook and it’s OK? But we shouldn’t have a divided heart between obedience and disobedience with the Lord.

Update on Audrey: she has reached a new low level of confusion and sadness. She forgets she lives here and is worried, even crying, saying she doesn’t have any money to pay. She started to move pillows on the couch to make a bed. She can’t remember where she sleeps, yet she knows to go past her bed in her bedroom to go to the bathroom. Thankfully, she hasn’t been mean-spirited, just extremely confused. And of course, doesn’t remember from one hour to the next of our assurance that she sleeps here and its free. Very sad and strange.