Monday through Friday, we take Audrey to day care for seniors for about six hours. It’s a nice break for us and gives her the stimulation she needs. Yesterday, I arrived to pick her up and one of the seniors named Viola was standing in the door with her walker blocking the way. I quickly realized what was happening. She was trying to escape! The care workers were “working” with her to assure her that her husband would arrive soon but it was too early to leave. She wasn’t buying it.

Viola turned to me and I assured her, “Your husband told me he will be coming soon.” She quickly replied, “What’s his name?” Oh, she’s a smart one in her demented state. I said, “All he said was that he was Viola’s husband.” Hhmmmmppp! she muttered. She wasn’t convinced.

As the standoff continued and they said things like, “Come on back and we’ll get your husband on the telephone,” Viola looked out over the room to the other seniors and said, “Come on! We’ll leave this way!” It was a mutiny! Fortunately, the rest of the seniors just stared at her.

Finally, Viola was convinced to go back in and I rescued Audrey from the mutiny.

As I thought of a possible spiritual application, I realized how many people through the ages have followed those out into darkness who didn’t have light. Jim Jones scenario first comes to mind. Leaving the care center on their own would be most unfortunate for those seniors. Viola, fortunately, wasn’t successful in the mutiny. She thought she would lead them to freedom but it would only be disaster.

Any time we as Christians follow anything that is not biblical, we are walking out of safety and from the care of the Lord Jesus who wants only our best. Our spiritual “senior center” may seem restrictive but “out there” is not safe.