As I was giving Audrey her shower this morning, I began to feel frustrated with the 75 times she wiped her eyes and face. (I’m not kidding). For no seeming reason 🙂 the 23rd Psalm came into my mind: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…” At first I meditated on that first line but then I had a little mental image of the Master Shepherd handing me a little lamb (even though I’m a lamb–but a bigger one) and saying “I’m giving you the care of this little lamb FOR ME!”

I knew the analogy. Audrey is The Shepherd’s little lamb. He has given Larry and I this fragile lamb to care for Him.

It didn’t take away all my frustration as she rinsed under running water for fifteen minutes, but because of that image and as I keep surrendering with the concept, “I’m a servant. I have no rights, only preferences. I have no demands, only requests” (see post from several days ago), I’m falling at the feet of Jesus in surrender.