Someone has said that if you know how to worry, you know how to meditate. Both are mental methods of rehearsing something–either fearful (worry) or good (meditation).

As I’ve been studying Micah and other minor prophets (and throughout the Bible), I’m amazed at how often God says something like, “Remember what I did for you when I brought you out of Egypt?” “Remember what I did for you when I gave you victory going into Canaan?” He keeps repeating over and over again what He has done in the past with the purpose of building their faith and trust in Him. If He was faithful in the past, He’ll be faithful now.

As I’m a little discouraged today with care giving, at times the weariness hits me, I also must rehearse God’s faithfulness and promises. He doesn’t give me more than I can handle in His power. He promises to bring good out of every situation. He promises that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He says He’ll meet all my true needs.

Yesterday after writing my post, I happened to later notice a letter that I forgotten to open, which had arrived the day before. I opened it and it was from my writing friend, Jeanne Zornes (author of many books) who has been a caregiver in her home in the past and now her mother-in-law is in a Altzheimer’s facility. She said, “I’m obeying a nudge to send you this note” and an article she’d written about caregiving. That was important but a few words in her note were the most powerful for me and brought me to tears: “God sees what you are doing.”

That meant so much to me. God has not forgotten or not noticed. He has given me this assignment (and Larry too of course) and He knows what’s going on and has a plan. That means so much to me. Audrey rarely thanks me; Larry thanks me alot, and I thank him a lot. But most important: God is thanking us for obeying Him and caring for His broken beloved. He loves her and wants her cared for well. (Don’t worry: that doesn’t mean we’ll kill ourselves before we put her in a care facility).

I also remembered a time when I was having a very bad day and the phone rang. My friend from Northern CAlifornia who I’m rarely in contact with, felt led to call me. Jo Netta prayed for me and restored my strength as she communicated that God knew what was going on.

Rehearsing those incidents made a difference. God knows, cares and will supply.

He has been faithful to keep those promises in the past and He’ll continue. He is a faithful God and He cares for me. He cares for you.