Rachel checked in by a blog comment to inquire as to why I haven’t been posting. Well, I sure wish I could say it’s because I just returned from a cruise but it’s actually because of pain. I hurt my sciatica about 6 weeks ago and I have been in a lot of pain and it’s the worst when I sit at my desk chair! So I haven’t written much. I sure appreciate her noticing and writing.

Any meds I’ve taken haven’t helped a whole lot so I’m taking some more aggressive medication (starting today) and doing chiropractic and soon physical therapy. This is a long term problem for me, about 9 years and I’m hoping that I can get back to controlling it more. It has flared up in the past but not to this degree.

So, sorry for my message of woe but God has used it to teach me that I can choose joy even in the midst of pain. Not that I’m that good at it but I know He’s there to help me. So please pray for healing but also for strength to choose joy.

I also have more compassion for some loved ones in my life who are in constant pain. I relate! It’s no fun. So if that’s you, my heart goes out to you.