Thank you for your prayers and concern. Although the Lord hasn’t chosen to heal me outright, I am grateful to know the cause of my 11 weeks of sciatic pain. I have a bulging disc. I actually have 2, one to the right and one to the left. The left one isn’t currently irritating a nerve like the one to the right is but it explains why I sometimes have sciatic pain also on my left side.
On Tues. Sept 22nd, I’ll go in for a cortisone shot into my spine to hopefully relieve the inflammation of the nerve . If that doesn’t work, I can have up to 3 shots within 6 months.
Please pray that I could get in sooner. I’m going to call every once in awhile to see if they have any cancellations. Also. of course, that the shot will work.
Surgery is not recommended; I’ll just have to be very careful about lifting in the future. I’m also learning how important stretching is. I’ve always done strength exercises to prevent sciatic pain but not stretching . So i’ll need to really do more of that after I’m out of pain.
As I continue this journey, I continue to seek the Lord for His reasons for this. I’m definitely more compassionate toward those who hurt and less judgemental of those who hurt, thinking things like, “if only they would….” The Lord has convicted me!
Thank you again for your prayers. Please continue for my healing both physically and spiritually.
Also, please pray that as Larry and I will be sending off this week sample chapters for our new book idea, that our agent will have wisdom in critiquing it and that the publishers who have asked to review the chapters will be open to accepting it according to God’s will. Right now, there are 4 publishers who will receive the proposal along with the sample chapters.
Love and thanks, Kathy