My wonderful husband, Larry, who has taken marvelous care of me these weeks I’ve been pretty much on my back most of the time from intense sciatic pain, walked into the kitchen carrying groceries this morning. At first, I continued to lay down but then I remembered that yesterday I was feeling so much better. I even went without my vicadin for 5 hours with minimum discomfort. Plus, the Lord had been bringing to my mind this morning the story of Jesus asking the disabled man, “Do you want to get well?” I knew why. When I’m not in horrible pain or nauseous (as I have been a few times because of the meds), it’s really not too bad being waited on. I just lay here, read, watch TV, work on the computer and at times, ring my bell to get Larry’s attention. It’s a sick perspective but when I’m not feeling physically bad, I sorta enjoy being sick. I’m the queen! Poor Kathy!
But the past week, I’ve had drastic improvement. When this pain started 13 weeks ago, I couldn’t get out of bed or sit or especially, stand up without intense, grimacing pain, using my Lamaze breathing.
But hey, when I’m feeling better, I can enjoy being sick. See how sick that is–in the brain and heart? Selfishness reins supreme. I hope you’re not like me..
So God needed to get my attention through reflecting on that Bible story. The man did rise up and so did I. I got up and put away the groceries.
I still can’t drive or sit, but I’m doing much better. Thank you, Lord.
My spinal cortisone shot is Monday morning at 7am. Please pray that it is God’s will for Him to use that for total healing. I’m taking up my mat and walking.