This morning I went in for my first spinal injection. Several weeks ago when I was scheduled for the shot, they mentioned I could get sedation along with it. It wouldn’t put you out nor take away the pain but it eases anxiety. Right then I decided I would get the sedation. The nurse at the time mentioned, “The sedation doesn’t’ take away the pain and besides it’s only painful for 30 seconds.” 30 seconds? Have you ever looked at a clock for 30 seconds and thought about being in pain that long? Doesn’t sound happy to me or quick. I’ll get the sedation. I’d always heard of these cortisone shots and the pain that comes with it. I’d hoped, even vowed, I’d never get such a shot.
But guess what 3 months of pain does? It makes you say, “Anything!”
So yesterday I started sending out emails (as I told my mother), “To everyone in the universe to pray!” And you did.
As Larry drove me to the clinic with me laying in the back seat, I thought, “Well, I feel pretty calm. HMMMM. But I’m going to get the sedation.”
Then I thought, “I really do feel pretty calm. Lord! You are giving me peace. Lord! You are answering everyone’s prayers. I feel calm. Sure, I’m a little nervous inside but by golly, I’m really peaceful. I can’t believe it!”
And then I decided I wouldn’t have the sedation. I knew this wasn’t from me. I knew this was “the peace that passes understanding.” and the result of God’s answer of “yes” to prayer. I don’t say it very much but I literally felt God’s people’s prayers and His peace.
I didn’t have the sedation and felt calm during the procedure. It actually turned out the whole procedure took less then 2 minutes with minimum pain. Really, it was more like a prick like a dentist’s Novocain shot but deep in my back. Very bearable. And when the doc said the second medicine going in would hurt a little more, I just felt this nerve reaction that caused a jerk down my leg but really no pain.
It’s been 8 hours since the procedure. And 4 hours since my last dosage of Vicadin wore off. And about now the ibuprofen I took this morning is wearing off. I have no pain. My faith isn’t strong enough to believe I’ll be painfree. But my faith muscle is growing. This is the first time in 3 months that when the pain meds wore off there was no pain. A few moments ago I wept with joy to think God has given me a miracle.
Thank you for your prayers. I’m taking up my mat and rejoicing in the Lord.