I’m in much less pain after my spinal injection and very grateful to God to be off the narcotic pain meds. But I still can’t sit.

But when I lay down I’m not in as much pain and I’m more comfortable. But I still can’t sit.

I walk with more comfort but I still can’t sit.

Do you know how much of the world is meant for people who can sit? I haven’t been able to find any restaurants for people who lay down while they eat. I haven’t sat in church; I lay down on the last row of chairs. I haven’t been able to reach down to cut my toe nails. But I haven’t found anywhere to get a pedicure where they let you lay down.

Do you know how much of the world is made for people who sit?

As I thought of this predicament, I realized there’s a spiritual application.
Wonder if we told God, “Lord, I’m being more patient toward my child but I still won’t forgive my mom for talking to me that way.”

Or, “Lord, I’m being more faithful at my Bible reading but don’t ask me to ever go to Africa as a missionary.”

Or…well, you get the idea. Just as the world is meant for people who sit, the spiritual world is meant for people who are sensitive to obedience in every area of their lives. Excusing my inability to sit and not praying for God’s healing and seeking further medical help to alleviate the pain won’t bring me much joy or power to be a part of society. And excusing my inability to receive God’s strength to fight every known sin won’t bring me much joy or power to be a part of God’s kingdom on earth.

It’s so easy to excuse sinful areas of our lives with, “If only she would act right, then I will.” Or, “Anyone would respond in anger if they were treated like that.” Or, …you name it.

Even though Moses had tremendous pressure while guiding the rebellious Israelites through the wilderness, when he struck the rock in anger when God told him to speak to it to bring forth the water, God didn’t say, “Well, I understand, you’ve been under lots of stress. After all, your sister just died. Anyone would act like that.”
No. God banished him from the Promised Land for his disobedience. A very strong consequence for something we might think could be easily excused. But God didn’t excuse him.

Is there an area in your life where it seems like you can just excuse it by blaming others and not taking responsibility? That’s like continuing to live in a world without sitting. You just don’t get to enjoy your favorite restaurants. Take out food gets old after awhile. Don’t settle for take out in your spiritual life. Sit at the banquet of spiritual richness in obedience.