I know I already mentioned this book in my last post, but I thought I’d share the review for it that I put on sites like cbd, amazon and Barnes and Noble. Obviously, I recommend this book.

“I was encouraged by Nancie’s vulnerable sharing about her challenging time. It was especially meaningful as I’ve been struggling with chronic pain. Her wise words would help anyone at any time since we all have struggles and challenges, but for those of us who feel like it’s a more-than-average difficult time, her message really hits home. The ideas she shares are applicable for every struggle we face. If you flip through this book, you don’t really benefit from the depth of meaning and encouragement it offers. I liked how Nancie included both spiritual insights and very practical ideas like taking good care of yourself. Sometimes we just need to have someone give us permission to do the things that should come naturally—but in times of stress we don’t. She has included a “Personal Reflection” section at the end of each chapter that could easily be used by a group. And there’s also a “New Beginnings Resource” list of insights; plus recommended reading. I’ve already recommended this book to others. Have it on hand for your inevitable “bad year.”