Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives is an excellent bookthat covers just about every concern that a military wife could think of. The devotionals compact a lot into pithy, short 2-3 pages on subjects like jealousy, being still and seeking God, finding support, stress, and oh, so much more.

I so appreciate the vulnerability and honesty of the military wives who wrote the devotionals. They share their hearts and give practical ideas and advice. I actually think any woman could enjoy and benefit from this book even though the focus and topics are specific to military wives. But who shouldn’t and couldn’t benefit from reading about seeking God? The ideas are powerful enough for everyone but yes, military wives will appreciate it the most.

I’m passing this valuable book along to my niece who is a Navy wife. I just know she’s going to gain so much from it and draw closer to God because of it. And she’ll know to a greater degree that her service for our country is appreciated. Because she is serving too!