I had met Jeanne Anderson several times but never really talked with her. I knew she had cancer and was living beyond the expectations for her survival, b ut I didn’t really know much else.

Jeanne was called into heaven December 28th and it wasn’t until I heard more about her that I realized what an impact she’d had on so many. Plus, her courageous obedience to God’s leading was a real inspiration to me.

For instance, three years ago, she was on her way to the hospital to have another chemo treatment and she noticed some homeless people living under a freeway bypass. So she stopped, found out what the needs were of the people there and ended up being involved in their lives. She counseled them, shared the Gospel, and met their needs for years. As a result, many came to know the Lord and were restored to productive lives. One man became a pastor and ministers to the needs of the homeless.

Although she ministered to the lowly, she was known among the rich. She prayed with Laura Bush in the White House several times and personally knew the Beach Boys. Her humility made her more interested in others than herself. And even in her times of pain, she reached out to others.

When I heard these things, I was inspired by Jeanne’s cheerfulness in the midst of pain and her obedience to the Lord in caring for all, no matter the cost. Thank you, Lord, for Jeanne Anderson who now is painfree and rejoicing in your kingdom.