I’ve spent some of this afternoon reflecting on the life of my mother-in-law Audrey who entered the gates of heaven Friday morning after suffering from Lewy -Body Dementia for the last five years of her 93 years. I’m envisioning her being so thrilled to be loosed from this body of difficulty and rejoicing with her husband and relatives and friends before the very throne of her Savior and God.

The reflections have been both joyful and painful. Throughout the 43 years I knew her, there were hurts and joys in our relationship. In the end, the Lord brought me to this prayer reflecting on Him as the only perfect parent.

“Oh Lord God, you are the only perfect one who never disappoints. You are extravagant with your gracious love. You always respond perfectly as only You know every need. I praise you God, that you are always faithful and kind and true. That you know everything about me and your Holy Spirit is praying for me before your very throne. Oh Father, You invest in my life for your glory, giving me purpose and strength. Only You are always a safe place, enveloping me in your arms whether I’m sad or grieving or happy and glad. You know how to respond in just the right way as no one else can. In You I find everything I need. I’m so grateful. You want to be involved in every aspect of my life; every dot and comma, no matter how significant or non-significant. In fact, everything is significant to you. Lord, for only you know everything about me, my faults and my strengthens. You delight and rejoice over me with singing nonetheless. How can I thank you for coming through for me? I can only entrust my life to you anew, knowing it is cared for by God who is the perfect parent. I love you, Lord God Almighty. Amen.”