The convention for church workers had been a great success and on the last day, I was chatting with a director of Women’s Ministries in the break room. We were discussing the state of women’s ministries and I wanted to impress her with my wisdom. Wouldn’t she then want to schedule me for her church’s women’s retreat?

During our conversation, a tray of fresh, hot chocolate chip cookies was delivered to our table and we munched and chatted. The more we chatted, the more I knew I was impressing her. In fact, she seemed to not be able to take her eyes off my lips. Evidently every word I spoke was a pearl of wisdom not to be missed.

I was a little surprised then when we concluded talking and she hadn’t suggested she would keep in touch. But I hoped she would contact me in the future.

After we said goodbye, I headed toward the bathroom but came across some new friends I’d made at the convention. One of them had been taking pictures of the group and invited me to join them. Wonderful! I felt so good being included in the photo and asked that they send me a copy. Then we parted with joyful goodbyes.

Finally walking into the bathroom, I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and stopped. What’s that dark spot on my chin? I inched forward closer to the mirror and slowly realized that chocolate drooled down my chin. Hot embarrassment flooded me and then I saw the humor. Chuckling, I wiped off the chocolate and thought, “OK, Lord, you got me. I sure was being impressed with myself, wasn’t I? You have a gentle way of bringing me to my proud senses.”

Why my new friends didn’t tell me about my spotty chin, I don’t know. But after that, I wasn’t really surprised that the Women’s Ministry Director didn’t contact me, nor did I get a copy of the photo in the mail. When pride seeps up within me because of the opportunities God has given me, I think of my chocolate chip chin.