Last week the Lord opened up a door for me to be interviewed for a magazine article and the writer wanted me to send her photos of myself and the family when the kids were little. So I had to pull out tons of photo books to see what I could find.

And what fun! Of course, i realized how many photos could be thrown away but it still was so fun to look through pictures I hadn’t reviewed for a long time. And I thought, “Why don’t I look through these more often?”

So I’ve decided to leave out one of the books of photos to flip through every once in a while. Then when I’ve looked at it enough, I’ll replace it with a different photo book to peruse.

Wanna join me in an old photo book excavation?

PS On another subject: I so appreciate the comments I receive on my blog. I reply to each one privately but I’m not able to post a return comment because for some lame reason, which I can’t figure out or correct, my comments won’t go through. So, if you’ve read my posts and wonder why there’s never a comment in response to the comments, that’s why! If you can help me figure it out, I’d appreciate it!