As I took a short walk this morning, a tear escaped down my cheek because I was feeling sorry for myself. Last week I somehow did something that set me back five steps in my recovery from back surgery. I’d been in increased pain and only able to be out of pain while walking. Even laying down doesn’t bring relief. I just felt fearful that this journey would never end.

Along with a tear, a thought escaped from my mind, “God, I don’t think you’re doing a very good job healing me.” I walked a few more paces, and looked up into the window of a house on our street that is in foreclosure and vacant. The sign in the window said, “Managed by La Quinta Realty. Contact for any concerns or problems.”

“OK, God. I guess I’m saying you’re not a very good manager of my life and I know that’s not true. I do trust you to do whatever you desire and to draw me closer to you in whatever you desire. I certainly think more often of you when I’m in pain, that’s for sure! So I’m bringing you my concerns and problems and asking you to heal me according to your will. You’re not just my manager, you’re my Lord and Savior and have total control over my life. I surrender to you.”

Within a few more paces, I sensed God guiding me for a walking program that was different than I had been doing. I’ll walk more frequently during the day for shorter periods and thus omit laying around so much. I felt encouraged and grateful.

How’s your Manager doing? I bet better than you might sometimes think.