Wayback is a fun book. Author Sam Batterman did a good job for his first novel. He had some very interesting ideas to be fleshed out and he did a good job. You can tell he really had a mission in this plot to prove that the earth is only as old as the Bible literally says it is—the “young earth” idea. At times, he was a little too forceful in expressing it—as if he was determined to make the reader believe his ideas. But that was acceptable because of the creative way he expressed it. And I loved the twist ending. Originally the characters went back in time to the time of Noah and you expect that they will just return to their original time. But then he creatively arranges for them to go forward in time but to an even different time period that brings an interesting wrinkle into the relationships among the characters. I was kept interested in the story throughout and enjoyed the characters and the descriptions of the settings. Regardless of whether you’re convinced about the earth being young, it does give you something to think about and you have a fun time enjoying the plot. I trust Mr. Batterman has good things up his sleeve for future books.