(If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog post, please read first.)

Yesterday, after posting, I took another one of my short walks and looked again at the sign. I realized I’d misquoted, or I should say, left out some of the words. The sign actually says, “This property is managed by La Quinta Realty.”

Wow! The words “this property” really hit me. Just as I am “managed” by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am His property to do whatever He desires. The word “property” can make it seem pretty unattached and distant but the Bible says we are His and we belong to Him. Therefore, I suppose we could apply the word “property.” And how wonderful to know that God takes better care of His “Property” that any landlord, land owner or property manager ever could. He knows everything about us and knows exactly what is best for us. You couldn’t have a more loving, kind, gentle and understanding “landlord.”

I am His and He is mine! You are His and He is yours! That kind of management I appreciate. How about you?