Two doors away from us is a house rented out to others, and over the last couple of weeks, we’d talked a few times to the family who are currently the renters. We invited them over last night for dessert and had a great time. They are returning home to Canada tomorrow.

On my walk this morning, I wondered how a fast encounter with not too much future contact could be used by the Lord. We did get an opportunity to mention we speak at churches and that wasn’t rebuffed but neither did it lead to any seemingly profitable trail.

I’m becoming more aware that it’s not necessarily being a witness if someone doesn’t know what they are being witnessed about. Merely mentioning church can mean a lot of things. So I wondered what could make a difference.

I remember our friend, Jim Harper, who inspired me some time ago and I’ve mentioned it here before that he sometimes tells the waitress after she takes our order, “We are Christians and we’re going to pray over our meal. May we pray for your concerns at that time?”

I’ve taken that idea and used it as the Lord has led, not just with waitresses but also cashiers, etc. And never once has anyone been offended or resistant. They might not be able to think of something immediately but they are usually pleasantly surprised. I’ve tried to include something specific about being a Christian, so that it’s clear who I’m representing.

So, I thought, “Wonder if shortly before that couple had left our home last night, we gave the same offer to them?” I felt confident it would have been readily accepted and though they might not come back the next day ready to go to their knees in repentance for salvation, it certainly would have been a clearer message of our “witness.”

Lord, help me to be aware again of how you might lead me to help others think about you because of this option.