The lake at our golf course is home to several ducks. A few weeks ago, the momma duck showed up with 14 ducklings. We’d never seen that big of a brood. We’ve been fascinated to see the obedience of those ducklings. They are responsive to every little squeak of their momma that warns them and guides them.

Even more impressive is the watchfulness of the momma duck. She is hyper-vigilant to the max. Even as she walks along nibbling grass and eating whatever ducks eat, she is constantly watching and seeing not only what her babies are doing but if there’s any danger.

I was so touched and my faith increased as I realized this was a metaphor for God’s hyper-vigilance over each of us. He knows the dangers we face and is wanting to help us as we call upon Him. And if we’ll be like those ducklings, alert to every leading of our Heavenly Father, we’ll be safe and secure.