I paused to think about how Mary viewed her Son, Jesus, as I read about the wedding in Cana in John 2. Mary learns that the wine has run out and says to Jesus, “They have no wine.” Even though Jesus gently reminds her His ministry hasn’t started yet, Mary commands the wedding servants: “”Whatever He says to you, do it.”

How did she regard Jesus at this time? It seems to me she thought of Him as a person of:

Yet she doesn’t try to tell Jesus what to do. She makes the need known and she contributes to possible success but she doesn’t manipulate or force or demand.

She is an example for our prayers. Jesus actually would know of the need because He knows everything. It seems reasonable to believe she knew that. We know God knows everything–including our need, yet like Mary we can make our need known and then cooperate with God without demanding the answer be a certain way. She said, “Whatever…” She believes Jesus will respond to the need but that He’ll do it in His own way.

So often we pray and sketch out how God can solve our problem. That concept always brings to my mind how when Larry and I were having painful marriage problems when we’d been married seven years, I prayed that he would die in the plane he was piloting. When that didn’t happen, I prayed he would become a paraplegic. I reasoned that would keep him at home instead of working two jobs and flying for a hobby!

ACK! What was I thinking? I didn’t say, like Mary, “whatever…” (however you want to meet this need, God). I said, “I know best! This is the way it should be.”

I’m sure glad God doesn’t answer all prayers, “yes” or I might be a widow or taking care of a paraplegic instead of enjoying a wonderful marriage with a healthy man. God provides a better “wine” than we can ever imagine.

Mary had most likely never seen Jesus do a miracle. His “hour” hadn’t come yet. He hadn’t started doing miracles. So how did she know He would respond or could perform a miracle? And did He respond because of her request or did He intend on intervening? He says He wasn’t yet scheduled for His first “coming out” event until later. So far He has only designated disciples.
We don’t know those answers for sure but it’s certain Mary knew Who He was and that He could do anything. And her faith and trust in saying, “whatever…” opened the door for a miracle.

We also need to say, “Whatever…” “Whatever You say, Lord, I will do.” And “Whatever You decide is the best answer to my request, I will appreciate.”

We can be sure that the “wine” (God’s answers) that are produced will be the best ever!