When Larry and I decided to go out to dinner yesterday, my first thought was, “Oh, good, I’ll get some dessert.” Then I remembered my commitment to no sugar and was disappointed.

But then I remembered the point of my fast: to take that passion for sugar and chocolate and turn it into more passion in hungering and thirsting for God. So, I turned my attention to the Lord and praised Him for the beautiful scenery around me that He had created. Then I remembered a friend who I had been praying for, and I prayed for her. A joy from drinking from God’s living spring (Jeremiah 2:13) rose up in me and I smiled.

I was savoring and tasting God’s goodness and it was indeed satisfying. I thought, “How I’d love to think and mediate on the Lord as much as my mind is drawn to craving sweets. As much as I search through the pantry hoping to find some tasty sweet tidbit, I want to search for more opportunities to enjoy His Word. As disappointed as I feel when I can’t have sweets, I want to feel disappointed if my time with the Lord is interrupted. As easy as it is to think about chocolate, I want to instantly pray when a friend’s need pops into my mind.”

Psalm 34:8 tells us: “O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

How are you tasting and seeing God’s goodness today?