Adam Clarke wrote,

[God is]
“the eternal, independent, and self-existent Being;

the Being whose purposes and actions spring from himself, without foreign motive or influence;

he who is absolute in dominion;

the most pure, the most simple, the most spiritual of all essences;

infinitely perfect;

and eternally self-sufficient, needing nothing that he has made;

illimitable in his immensity, inconceivable in his mode of existence, and indescribable in his essence;

known fully only by himself, because an infinite mind can only be fully comprehended by itself.

In a word, a Being who, from his infinite wisdom, cannot err or be deceived,

and from his infinite goodness, can do nothing but what is eternally just, and right, and kind.”

Wow! Just try meditating on that and resist worshiping our great God!

Which part is most important to you?

PS Wikipedia says, “Adam Clarke (1760 or 1762–1832) was a British Methodist theologian and Biblical scholar, born in the townland of Moybeg Kirley near Tobermore in present-day Northern Ireland[1]. He is chiefly remembered for writing a commentary on the Bible which took him 40 years to complete and which was a primary Methodist theological resource for two centuries.”