As I sat down to have my Quiet Time with the Lord, I knew I had made a great choice but I thought of all the work I could be doing at my desk. And I love working at my desk!

But I gathered my Bible to me, ready to read and ponder, and the thought came, “Having a time with the Lord is a step of faith and trust.” Hmm. That was interesting. Something I don’t think I’d thought before in that exact way. Faith and trust?

Well, I could see that it required my faith and trust in God in believing that He could be in charge of all that I needed to do. I was saying, “Lord, I trust that you are in charge of my day and my responsibilities and if you’re calling me to have my time with you, then you know it all and will get what work done that you consider important in your timing.”

That was a great thought. And it points out that so many things we do even regularly are a step of faith and trust. I remember someone saying that going to sleep is a step of faith and trust. Hmm. Interesting. But going to sleep really does take away our control. We have to say, “I’m releasing control and I’m not going to do anything else now. It has to be totally in God’s hands. Good night.”

We eat and we trust that God will use the nutrients in our body. We turn the key of the car and trust that it will start. We trust that God will cause the sun to rise in the morning. So much of life is really about faith and trust and we don’t really think that much about it.

Can you think of something that you do and you’ve never thought of it before as a step of faith and trust? It might be interesting to thank God that He is coming through for you for even the most mundane, usual things, that we take for granted. And also recognize how that kind of faith and trust within us can be transferred to other things that are challenging and seem more difficult. After all, if we trust Him for the easy things, why is it really harder to trust Him for the “hard” things? Does He have a list of “easy” things and “hard” things? Is God only capable of caring about the “easy” things, or is it that we take for granted His care because He’s so faithful?

Jeremiah 32:27 says, “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” (NIV).

What do you think?