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And now, here’s my blog post for today:

My mother, Vivian, had purchased tickets for herself, Karen (my sister) , and I to see “Phantom of the Opera” in Los Angeles. Bus transportation was included to remove the stress of driving. But Karen still planned to drive in separately so that she could head home right after the play. She had a three hour drive ahead of her and it would save her an hour’s time. We’d already enjoyed a full weekend together so it seemed like the wise thing to do.

But then as we sat at breakfast, Karen announced, “The Lord told me to get the full experience and go along with you on the bus today.”

Of course, my mom and I were so pleased. It would be the maximum fun to be together the whole time. Soon we were headed to the nearby park where we checked in and found our seats on the tour bus. It was indeed great to be together and Patricia, the city’s tour guide, began to welcome us all as the bus transitioned onto the freeway.

Within a few minutes, Patricia had given us some facts about “Phantom of the Opera” and then she talked about the Pantages theater where we would see it.

My sister turned to me and with a surprised look said, “I thought we were going to the Dorothy Chandler Theatre. When I thought I was going to drive separately, I printed out directions to that theater, not the Pantages.”

We grinned at each other. I spoke up, “I’m sure glad you obeyed the Lord, Karen. Isn’t that great how the Lord protected you?”

If Karen hadn’t obeyed the Lord, she would have taken a detour ten miles from the Pantages. She most likely could have reached us by cell phone and most likely wouldn’t have missed the play but untold stress was alleviated by her paying attention to God’s direction.

I truly believe obeying God is the most self-protective thing we can do. Believing He only wants our best and obeying Him as a result has wonderful rewards. I just wish I’d always remember that! I’m glad my sister did.