Read these intriguing thoughts from Bill Hull, in his book Christlike: The Pursuit of Uncomplicated Obedience:

“Pastors commonly teach that all God’s activity on this earth is mediated through the local church. This has led to the teaching that the highest priority for Christians is to get the world to go to church. As a result, all the money, personnel, and attention are focused on the Sunday-gathered church. While I believe that what happens on Sunday is every bit as important as what happens the other six days of the week, Scripture never commands non-Christians to go to church. We have wasted a lot of time, money, and resources attempting to convince them they should. This accounts for huge neon signs that say such things as “Come Grow with Us,” or “Wednesday Night is Family Night,” or “Sermon Series, ‘The End of the World,’ Be There!'”

“This all seems so ineffectual, even silly. The church meets in order to go to the world, and that world can be called the harvest field. To borrow one of Jesus’ images, the church goes out to live as wheat among tares. We are so closely connected to others that only God’s wisdom and knowledge can separate the two.” (pgs. 50-51, NavPress, 2010).

I’m being challenged by this book so far. Interesting thoughts. What do you think?